Boost Retirement Income Using Twitter Lists


How To Build A List


Twitter lists are a great way to drive traffic to your site and hence increase your retirement income.

Twitter bird singingAssuming that you already have a Twitter account, just go to your homepage and click on your avatar. On the dropdown menu click on ‘Lists’.

On the right hand side you will see ‘Create New List’. The next step is to give your list a name and describe the aim of the list. The description is important, especially for public lists, as a few enticing words will encourage people to sign up to your list.

Go to Google and search some keywords related to your niche marketplace. Then compile a list of market leaders in your sector.

Return to Twitter and enter the name of each market leader in the search box. The next step is best illustrated by an example.

My niche is ‘retirement’ and one of the market leaders in the sector is ‘Saga’. Once you have accessed Saga’s Twitter page you will see ‘Lists’ in their menu bar. At the time of writing they have eight lists. Look down the lists and select one that is relevant, in this case ‘Influential Bloggers’.

If you sign up to a list you will be able to open a timeline of tweets just from members on that list. By becoming a subscriber you can follow  the lists without following individual users of that list.

You cannot send your tweets just to specific lists. 

The Benefits of Twitter Lists

Twitter - group of birdsHaving your competitors and the leaders in your market place in one powerful list has several advantages….

  • It enables you to access their tweets and offers very rapidly.

  • You can see how they interact with their followers.

  • It enables you to keep abreast of news in your marketplace

  • You can readily interact with key influencers in your industry by commenting and retweeting

  • If market leaders in your sector like your tweet they may retweet it to all of their followers. This is the most powerful benefit of using a Twitter list.

I hope you have great success with Twitter lists.

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