Carry On Gardening….Enjoy The Benefits Of Being Outside

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There are huge physical and mental benefits to be derived from gardening as you get older.

Gardening helps you physically by maintaining your core muscle strength and it is mentally uplifting to be out in the fresh air with the birds singing.

You may have physical challenges to overcome, but nowadays there are a wide range of specially adapted tools available, which are designed to tackle almost any job in the garden.

Gardening aids can help you enormously, but do be aware of your limitations. Don’t crick your back or strain your wrist through thinking that you are a 20 year old again. Here are some useful sites which offer a wide range of gardening aids.

Carry On Gardening

Living Made Easy

Amazon Tools for the Disabled

Cup of tea

Adapt your routine by pacing yourself, switch jobs now and again, take breaks to enjoy a cuppa, stop to admire your  handiwork.

A good tip is to wrap the handles of tools with insulation tape to make them easier to grip.

Battery trimmerFor those of you who suffer from arthritis, be aware that  although the vibration from power tools may feel soothing,you can aggravate your symptoms by using them for too long.

Some tasks may be beyond you. We moved into a bungalow recently and inherited a high beech hedge which ran the length of the drive. I accepted defeat gracefully and got a young man to take the top off for me. Let someone else take the strain, otherwise you will do more harm than good.

Your back is often the most vulnerable part of your body. Remember the cardinal rules of lifting heavy loads.

  • Do not bend forward to lift a load.

  • Squat down beside the load by bending your knees and hips.

  • Keep the load close to your body and straighten your legs as you lift the load. Avoid twisting and turning.

  • Never attempt to raise a heavy load above shoulder level.

    Garden trolley    Using a trolley is always a good plan….. 




Potting tray…….or a potting bench to save your back.



Garden kneelerYour knees will suffer if you don’t kneel on a soft dry surface. You have probably seen the benches which act as a seat and fold down to act as a  kneeler…..they are ideal.

If your body is aching all over, it is probably trying to tell you something. Take a break….enjoy your handiwork…return to the job another day.

I hope you will enjoy the exercise and pleasure that gardening gives you for many years to come.

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