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As the popularity of social networking gathers pace and communication tools become more sophisticated, the importance of creating a respected online presence is paramount. There is no better way of  building that presence than through a blog.

So where do you start?

There are two providers that lead the field…..






…..with the former being the ‘Rolls Royce’ of blog formats…..all of the top marketeers use WordPress. Blogger has a simpler format, which encouraged me to use it initially.

First of all you have to decide what you are going to blog about. Is it going to be a personal blog or will it promote products and services to generate an income stream? Either way it’s wise to choose a domain which includes your own name if it is available. However if you are targeting a niche market then include words which are relevant to your product or service.

The most searched keywords relating to your niche can be found with keyword search tools like…..





The next step is to register your domain and arrange for your site to be hosted. There are countless companies who offer these services, so the market place has become very competitive. As there is nothing to choose between the leading companies on price, it comes down to comparing the amount of support each offers. I have no hesitation in recommending….,….





They provide a video tutorial on installing WordPress and also an excellent Live Chat support service.

So let me just run through the procedure for domain registration and site hosting.

  • On the HostGator home page click on View Web Hosting Plans
  • Click on Hatchling Plan for a single domain
  • Whilst you are on this page scroll down to Application Hosting—–> WordPress Hosting. The short video tutorial tells you how install WordPress
  • Click on Order Now for the Hatchling Plan
  • Enter the Domain Name you have chosen. Proceed to Step 2
  • Pay for Domain Registration and Hosting
  • Return to the video tutorial mentioned above and follow the instructions to install your WordPress blog.

A word of warning at this stage. If you search for an ebook tutorial on the installation of WordPress make sure it refers to the current version. WordPress was first created in May 2003 and there have been many new releases since that date, so it can be very confusing if your tutorial refers to an earlier version. The introduction of the Jetpack feature has made the installation of  WordPress much simpler. This video shows you how to install WordPress when using a cPanel website host, such as HostGator.

One of the great features of WordPress is the huge number of plugins, over 18,000 at the last count, which greatly extend the functionality of your blog. You will find the most popular plugins at………..




The best plug in to help achieve a high Google ranking is called ‘WordPress seo’.

Once your blog is installed you must check your settings.  Having logged in to WordPress admin, look for ‘Settings’ in the left hand sidebar. Work through the various options, which are self explanatory.

You can enhance the functionality and appearance of your blog by working through the headings on your Dashboard, which can be found at A useful forum where you can get your queries answered is called the WP Forum.

Recommended ebook…..  22 Top Blogging Tools Loved by the Pros





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  1. Andrew Stark says:

    Hi Ian

    That is an awesome post, great detailed explanation of what it takes to get your own blog up and running using wordpress.

    So glad that you’re taking action, and I’m sure that over the next few months good things will happen to you.


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