Now You Can Look After Dogs As Your House Guests

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Nowadays many dog owners prefer to arrange for their dogs to be looked after in a person’s home rather than place them in kennels.

A long established organisation called PetStay, which has over 30 branches spread throughout the UK, will arrange for your dog to be looked after by a PetStay carer……

……or may be you like dogs, but don’t want the long term, full time commitment of owning your own dog, in that case you could become a paid PetStay carer yourself.

You can choose when and for how long your guest dogs will stay. You will have the opportunity of meeting the dog and its owner, so if you don’t like the idea of a German Shepherd prancing all over your three piece suite, you can always turn them down.

Being a PetStay carer has many benefits:- 

  • You will come across many different breeds, all of whom will have their own personalities
  • Have the pleasure of the companionship of a dog without being emotionally and financially committed
  • Keep fit and healthy through exercising your Petstay dog
  • Meet lots of like minded people whilst taking your dog for a walk

As a PetStay carer you won’t have to handle enquiries or take bookings, these will be dealt with by your local PetStay branch owner. They will also be on hand to give you advice and support. The only requirements are …….to have a secure garden, be at home most of the day and love dogs.

Petstay may be of interest to you for three reasons:-

  1. You may wish to place your dog with a PetStay carer whilst you are away
  2. Perhaps you would like to become a PetStay carer yourself
  3. If you are looking for a full time job you could become a PetStay franchisee.

Whatever your interest may be, you can find more details on the Company’s website



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