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Energy bills have reached a record high of nearly £1300 for the average household. You can ease the pain of rising energy costs by using some of the clever gadgets you will find below.


Increase Your Boiler’s Performance

Cost:  £90

Annual Saving:   £100

Combi Smart





A small valve fitted to a water pipe connected to the boiler works by not allowing water through until it is hot enough. The manufacturer claims it can save 32,000 litres of water being unnecessarily piped through your heating system every year, bringing savings on heating and the cost of water for those on a meter. This is a cost-effective way of making the most of an existing boiler. Replacing an old boiler with a modern eco-friendly condensing boiler can save £310 a year – but it could cost about £2000 to install.



Monitor Energy Consumed

 Cost: £30

Annual Saving:  £200

The owl micro+





This small battery operated device lets you see your power use around the home instantly and shows which appliances are costing you the most. The screen displays how much energy is being used at any one time. Rather than directly saving you money, it highlights spikes of energy use. You can then control your usage of electricity far more definitively, thus bringing down costs.


Owl Micro+

Brighter ‘Green’ Lights

Cost: £10

Annual Saving: £55





The eco-friendly light bulbs you can buy on the high street often offer a gloomy glow and they take time to warm up.  However there are bulbs available which suppliers claim use 75% less energy than a traditional 60 watt bulb, provide the same light and last up to 10,000 hours. Each bulb will save you £3 a year and so a whole house fitted with these bulbs will result in a saving of £55.

Ecozone Biobulb


Switch Off Appliances

Cost: £22

Annual Saving: £40

Standby Saver





A remote control handset and three radio controlled sockets allow you to switch off appliances when not in use. Electrical appliances kept on standby can consume up to 85 % of the electricity they would do if they were simply left on. The device is ideal for switching off gadgets such as televisions, DVD players, games consoles and hi-fis.

Energenie Standby Saver



Turn Up The Heat With A Radiator Tube

 Cost: £25

Annual Saving:  £140

Radiator Booster

The white tube sits on top of a water filled radiator and sucks up lost heat from behind it using a small fan plugged into a nearby electrical socket. The fan circulates the warm air around the room and according to the Energy Saving Trust you might be able to turn down your thermostat by as much ass three degrees Celsius.

Another way to make the most of radiators is to install a reflective foil shield behind them. A £22 Radflek panel reduces heat loss by up to 45%


Radiator Booster


Use Less Water In Your Shower

Cost:  £12

Annual Saving:  £180

Eco Showerdrop





Taking a shower is better for the environment and your pocket compared with relaxing in a bath……..using 65 litres compared to 100 litres. This gadget, which is called the Eco Showerdrop, includes a digital calculator that shows the flow of water while you wash and, according to the manufacturer, can cut usage to 35 litres. The waterproof device, which hangs by the shower control, can be used in tandem with a special showerhead designed to aerate the spray or to provide tiny interruptions to the flow that are barely noticeable. Showerheads, such as the PulseEco cost £30 and allow half the amount of water to be used when showering. They do not require plumbing.

Eco Showerdrop

Many of the above companies have a wide range of energy devices…..take a closer look.