Matched Betting…..No Risk, No Tax, No More Money Worries

Are you struggling on your pension? So was I until I discovered Matched Betting.



      Matched Betting ensures you make a profit no matter who wins the race or match.

You may have thought that bookmakers calculate their odds to ensure they never make a loss in the long term….and you would be quite right.

Every bookmaker is desperate to encourage new customers to place bets with them. So they invest huge sums in incentives and bonuses to persuade potential punters, both new and old, to bet with them.

The most popular incentive is a sign up bonus. Let’s look at an example. Ladbrokes might offer a £25 free bet if you place a £5 bet with them using your own money. This offer can be converted into a £15 profit using a straightforward system.

Matched Betting is entirely legal. It is Tax Free in the UK. It carries No Risk, as you are betting on every outcome, thus ensuring a guaranteed profit.

Until comparatively recently it has been difficult for you and I to make a substantial income from Matched Betting. The reason being that you need to compare a huge number of odds in order to find a profitable bet. As computer programing has become more sophisticated, sites have sprung up that show you the most profitable ways of placing your bets.

The market leader in this field is Profit Accumulator, who offer a number of outstanding services…..

  • A series of tutorial videos which walk you through every aspect of Matched Betting.

  • A long list of offers from bookies suitable for both beginners and more advanced match betters, along with detailed instructions on how to place your bets.

  • Similarly for Casino and Bingo offers.

  • ‘Reload’ offers for more experienced match betters which generate an ongoing long term income.

  • A highly active forum  where you can exchange tips and tricks with like minded match betters

  •         A help and support desk

I highly recommend that you take a look at this introductory video to learn more.

Don’t forget that Matched Betting is Risk Free, Tax Free in the UK and offers an income of £300 to £1,000 per month depending on the amount of time you are able to invest in this lucrative business.

As far as I am aware this system is only available in the UK.

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