Part 3 – Promoting Your Site

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There’s so many ways to promote your blog….it becomes mind boggling…….so I have chosen just a few of the most effective methods….starting with forums.





Forums may have been overshadowed by the rise in popularity of social media site, but they still have a capacity to attract audiences in a wide range of niche markets. They offer a responsive form of targeted marketing……especially if you create your own forum using keywords related to your niche….and of course you can post on other relevant forums as a guest.


Forums also offer:-


  • The ability to log in easily using Twitter and Facebook integration


  • Dedicated tools such as polls


  • Integration into your own target market


  • A way of gaining the respect of your peers


  • The opportunity to leave your signature with a link back to your blog or website


Don’t forget to include the word ‘forums’ in your search when looking for forums relevant to your niche.


There are a huge number of forums but my favourite is The Warrior Forum It is long established, caters for a wide range of interests and is very active…..the latter is very important.




Unfortunately email marketing is synonymous in most peoples’ minds with SPAM. Every serious internet marketer hates SPAM….. and I am no different.


The only legitimate way of using email marketing is to get the recipients consent to receive regular email messages from you. Dangling a carrot, like a free giveaway, works wonders in persuading potential customers to opt in. Once they have subscribed, they are unlikely to unsubscribe as long as you provide informative and interesting content consistently. There are two levels of opt in – single and double. A double opt in requires the recipient to click a link within an email message after signing up.


The only way to launch a large email campaign is to use an autoresponder tool. Auto responders can come across as being  impersonal unless you take great care to personalize your mailings and to write them in a conversational manner.  aWeber is considered to be the Rolls Royce of autoresponders and is popular with leading marketers.


The ultimate aim of your email marketing campaign is to direct the reader to your website and to clinch a sale. Including a little about yourself as a person at the end of the email increases the rapport between yourself and the reader.




Video presentations can become expensive as you have to invest in a camera, microphone and editing facility… I am just going to cover PowerPoint presentations at this stage.

So why should you consider an audio or video presentation?Here are a few reasons….


  • You engage with the viewer and create an empathy between each other.


  • It brings more realism to the product you are promoting


  • You will achieve higher conversion rates on sales


  • After a bit of practice, it can be quicker to put together


The best software to record your PowerPoint presentation is Camtasia ….if  you use a Mac then Screenflow is the place to go to. You do not have to use Camtasia as CamStudio will do the same job and it’s free!


Should budget be a consideration, then there is a free alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint called Impress, which is available from OpenOffice


Audio quality is of paramount importance when recording your PowerPoint presentation. I recommend an Audio-Technica USB condenser microphone, whiich delivers great quality sound.


Recording your PowerPoint presentation using Camtasia is simple. Just click on the button ‘Record on Screen’ on the left hand side. It’s very important that you check that your Audio-Technica USB microphone has been selected in the audio settings and not the default.




One of the most effective ways of promoting your blog is by writing articles…….what’s more it’s free!


Now don’t go into writers paralysis mode… don’t need to be an expert on a topic. You simply need to do a little research on a subject related to your blog and, hey presto, you’ll soon know a lot more than the vast majority of your readers.


OK, so you’ve written your article……but now you must find an audience….no problem, submit it to search directories for free.


There are hundreds of article directories, many of which you can find through a Google search……


Each article directory has its own instructions for formatting an article…although many accept unformatted copy. So write an unformatted article with no hard line breaks, apart from paragraphs, as a text document. Some directories require a short synopsis of your article along with keywords.


Most important of all, don’t forget to complete the resource field with details of yourself and your website. If the visitor has taken the trouble to read to the end of your article, they will almost certainly visit your website…….another targeted visitor to your site! If the directory accepts HTML, make certain to include your keywords in the anchor text of the hyperlinks to your site.


Article submission software enables you to submit your article to multiple directories at the click of a button. Article Drip Robot is my favourite. You might also like to look at Submit Your Article.