Discover Our Pinterest Pins……British Landscape To A World Of Faces

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We have an extensive range of subjects on Pinterest.

Here are some of the boards we have created along with an illustrative image.

Just click on the image to see the complete Pinterest board on that subject.

Garden Ornaments

Ornaments enhance any garden. 

This board includes a skeleton riding a penny farthing to the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best….like these pebble footprints

We hope that you can find some ideas for your own garden.



Gardening Aids For The Elderly

Do try to carry on gardening into your later years……it is great exercise as well as being spiritually uplifting for your soul.

There are so many gardening aids to help you on your way….you will find a selection on our board.





You know what they say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Yes, it’s true.

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemical.

Here is a small selection of the cartoons we have come across on the web.



Traditions in England

England has a many unique traditions dating back hundreds of years….

….from Town Criers to Morris Men and Mummers to Pearly Queens.

Learn more about these traditions through looking at these revealing images on our Pinterest board.





A World of Faces

You can tell so much from a person’s expression.

Look into the eyes of the people featured in this extraordinary range of faces and guess what they are thinking…..sadness, joy, fear, fun

Imagine the life they lead, light years away from our own humdrum existence. 






Paper Mache Art

Paper Mache is such a creative medium, that has been used to decorate a wide range of objects over the centuries.

Be inspired by our collection of colourful creations.



Our Garden Plants

We love our garden. Here is a selection of the plants we grow along with others from famous gardens around the country.

We have named them, which will enable you to find them in your local nursery or plant catalogue.


Great Slogans


They often illustrate a well known saying or highlight an uncomfortable truth.

Nowadays slogans are used extensively in the social media arena to add impact to a message.

We are always adding to our collection of slogans….they give us food for thought!


English Halls and Gardens

This is Biddulph Grange in Staffordshire. The house has been converted into apartments but The National Trust maintains the gardens which are open to the public.

The United Kingdom is blessed with many historic houses and gardens…..let us introduce you to some of them through our Pinterest pins.




Enjoy Retirement

The raison d’etre of our blog is to help you to enjoy your retirement.

Having sufficient cash to fulfil your dreams does help!

Here are some ways you could make money…of course it’s entirely up to you which, if any, you decide to pursue.






Growing Vegetables in Containers

We all know the health benefits one enjoys from eating fresh vegetables. 

Do you really want to eat ‘fresh’ french beans flown in from Kenya?

Why not grow your own? Maybe you don’t have an enough space or you have problems bending down. Growing vegetables in containers could be the answer.

We hope these pins will give you some ideas…just think outside the box!



Britain – A Green and Pleasant Land

 We are extremely fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the  world…..from beautiful beaches in Cornwall to the rugged grandeur of the  Highlands.

Our pins share with you our love of the British countryside.


We hope you have enjoyed looking at our pins. We are always adding new ones, so call back again shortly.

PS We would be most grateful if you left a comment or shared this post. Many thanks. Val and Ian