Google+…. Mix In The Right Circles!

Google+So why should you use Google+?

Here are just a few reasons…..

  • Google+ is a great place to market your product or service, as it is packed full of excellent content, which attracts a large targeted audience.
  • You will find that people are much more receptive to your approaches than on other social media networks.
  • The concept of ‘Circles’ enables you to connect and network with like minded people far more easily than on other social media sites.
  • Google looks favourably on you if you are active on Google+, which helps your quest to rank high on Google.

So where do you start? The key is to define your audience. 

Who will be interested in your content? 

What age range are you targeting? 

Where does your target audience live?

 Write down headings which define the subjects you will be covering.

Once you have defined your audience you must reach out to them.

Hashtags enable you to search for people who will be interested in your offering.

Engage with people……add them to your circles and more often than not they will add you back.

You can categorize your followers and place them in a circle which reflects their interests. If you are selling a number of products, then placing prospects in a relevant circle is a powerful way of targeting potential customers.

 Circloscope is a great tool for managing your circles.

Building a targeted audience requires a lot of hard work but it will pay off in the end.

Another powerful tool in your armoury is the ‘Whats Hot’ button. This facility enables you to keep abreast of current trends and therefore to identify and promote products which your customers can’t wait to get their hands on.

There is no better way of marketing a product than by talking directly to the customer. ‘Hangouts’ enable you to chat to 10 people, whilst having an unlimited, live audience looking in. I hope this introduction to Google+ wets your appetite….good luck with your ventures.

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Are You Really As Old As You Feel?

Elderly couple....So when did you suddenly realise that old age is creeping up on you?

Here are a few experiences you may wish to forget!

You discover that your birthday cake is too small to take all of those candles………or even worse the candles have cost you more than the cake itself!

Your last visit to the surgery was truly shocking…the doctor looked younger than your grandson.

You prefer watching a re-run of the ‘The Good Life’ rather than sit through two excruciating hours of the ‘X-Factor’.

You find that the number of age related benefits you are receiving exceeds the days of the week…..Bus Pass, Free TV Licence, Free Prescriptions, Free Eye Test, State Pension, Winter Fuel Allowance, Christmas Bonus, Senior Railcard. Are you receiving all of these? There is information about each one at the end of this post.

You are offered a seat on a train by this young adonis…….and it’s not because you are pregnant!

As your hair falls out you are faced with a huge dilemma. Do you cover up your baldness with a wig or hair transplant….or do you have all of your remaining hair shaved off and return to being a skinhead?

Cup of teaYou become so obsessed with getting your card stamped at your local garden centre to earn a free coffee, that you don’t realise that the cost of travelling there is equivalent to three coffees.

You’re on first name terms with your chiropractor, osteopath and chiropodist, who are all on your speed dial just in case. In fact things have got so bad that everything hurts and what doesn’t hurt doesn’t work.

You always feel like the morning after and you haven’t been anywhere.

You’re totally confused by all those fancy computer terms…… your book…

  • Bandwidth refers to your waist size….not the difference between two frequencies

  • Cookies are the nibbles you have with your tea at the WI….not a piece of computer data about you

  • Hot Spot is your favourite resort on the Costa del Sol….not where you can get a wi-fi connection

  • Eye Candy is the blonde on the beach you still dream about…..not eye catching graphics on a website

  • Plug and Play is…well I’ll leave this to your imagination… certainly don’t consider it to be hardware that requires to identify itself on demand

  • Surfing is playing in the surf….not browsing the internet

and the final insult is when you go out to a restaurant and you sink your teeth into a steak…and they stay there!

Here are the links to the free benefits I mentioned earlier….

Bus Pass

TV Licence


Eye Test

State Pension

Winter Fuel Allowance

Christmas Bonus

Senior Railcard

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Generate An Avalanche Of Traffic Using Twitter

singing-birdTwitter is a great way of building a steady flow of traffic to your website. An odd tweet now and again is useless, you will have to post a large number of targeted tweets to achieve worthwhile results…….but beware of spamming.

Twitter’s User Agreement defines what they consider to be spam. It would be wise for you to read the Agreement before embarking on a campaign. Sending the same tweet repeatedly would obviously be extremely foolish and would certainly result in a ban. However you can alter the wording of a tweet and change the image, whilst retaining the original link.

The Content Idea Generator feeds you with ideas for content which you had never dreamt of.

Buffer is a powerful program, which enables you to send innumerable tweets spread over a pre-defined period. They offer a free version, or you can use their upgraded software, free, for 30 days.

So lets see how Buffer works. Once you have registered, click on ‘Schedule’. Set your time zone and choose between a 12 or 24 hour clock.

You will need to promote a minimum of 20 WordPress posts to maximise the benefits of Buffer.

For example, you can spread your 20 tweets, promoting different posts, over 10 hours at a rate of a tweet every 30 minutes.

By clicking on ‘Content’ –> ‘Calendar’ you will see a graphic of the times when your tweets will be sent.

Now click on ‘Lists’. Write your tweets in the blank fields and attach relevant images. They will be stacked in a queue ready to be posted according to your schedule.

‘Analytics’ enables you to check on the performance of your tweets and you can also re-post your tweets using ‘Re-Buffer’.

As well as Buffer, there are several other tools, which help you to get the best out of Twitter. Here are some of my favourites starting with Tweetdeck It generates a rolling overview of the activity in your Twitter accounts in real time.

Once you have linked your Twitter account to Tweetdeck, you can choose which headings you would like to appear on your homepage. I selected Home, Notifications, Messages and Activity. However there are other headings, such as @Mentions, Lists, Likes, Followers, Trending, Scheduled, Search and Collections.

You will receive valuable information relating to these subjects as it happens. The Tweetdeck platform also allows you to send tweets and direct messages, as well as to add images and to schedule tweets.

YouTube has a range of tutorials on how to operate Tweetdeck.

Hootsuite locates interesting content and enables you to share it automatically. Other facilities include……

  • Scheduling of a large number of posts

  • The ‘Suggestions’ facility identifies relevant content

  • The messages you have scheduled for the coming weeks are displayed in a calendar format 

Here are the links to several other useful tools……..

AgoraPulse – a social media engagement manager

missinglettr – enables you to drip market your posts on Twitter for months ahead

IFTTT – Lets you know which of your websites are mentioned on Twitter

Friends + Me    – Reposts your content to other social media networks

I hope you have great success building your traffic volumes with Twitter…best of luck

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