Using Apps On Phones and Bespoke Recipes to Control Your Diabeties

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If you are a diabetic you know that diabetes is a debilitating illness, but don’t despair as there are numerous support packages available….here are just a few.

Continuously tracking your carbohydrate intake and blood sugar levels is so important in managing your diabetes.

Smartphone technology has moved forward so rapidly in the last few years that you can now monitor your blood glucose levels and the food that you eat using apps on your ‘phone.

The following apps  are leaders in this field:-


This app is only available on Android and Apple devices. DiabetesPA tracks blood glucose, insulin, carbs, calories, medication, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and much more. The information can be shared with your family or doctor, which facilitates a rapid assessment of your overall health.

Diabetes Forum

You can connect with over 200,000 members of the forum run by You will receive great support, ask questions and exchange experiences. A recent survey revealed that over 70% of forum members improved their understanding of the challenges posed by diabetes after participating in the forum.

Recipe App

Are you struggling to find suitable recipes for a member of your family who is diabetic?

The Diabetes Recipe app has a huge selection to choose from. Simply search for a meal type or ingredient and the app will provide you with a carb rating for every dish. 

MySugr apps

 MySugr apps cover a wide range of topics……..

  • Scanner Sends blood sugar levels from your meter into the MySugr app
  • Academy Comprehensive information about Type 2 diabetes in small, easy steps
  • Quiz A fun way to learn more about diabetes
  • Analysis Spot trends and patterns in your numbers. Identify weak spots in your therapy
  • Importer Instantly synchronise data from your FreeStyle Libre into the MySugr app
  • Coaching Proactive help from highly trained specialists. Personalised advice and analysis

myLifestyle – your free online health system

Enter a reading for your blood pressure, blood glucose, weight or BMI and myLifestyle will store your readings and plot the levels on a graph. Your record can be downloaded and shared with your doctor or nurse.

Recipes for Diabetics

An important part of managing diabetes is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. publish a huge range of cookbooks, which are all free. Just click here to register and download them. Here are just a few of the titles…..

  • 365 Recipe Cookbook
  • 7 Day Low Carb Meal Plan
  • 30 Day Meal Plan
  • Christmas Cookbook
  • Prediabetic Cookbook
  • Indian Home Cooking

Another source for recipes can be found on this site.

Follow these recipes and you’ll know the exact amount of carbs, sugar, fat and calories you are eating.

We hope that you will find something of interest in our article.

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