Get Cashback For Doing Virtually Nothing


Haggling Customer Cashier


 If you are not already using a cashback site when making purchases……then you certainly should consider doing so.


Cashback firms, like Quidco and Top Cashback, offer up to around 8 per cent cashback when you buy something online.


Having set up an account with a cashback company, visit their website prior to making a purchase. Find the shop you want to buy from and click through to the store.


When you purchase an item that qualifies, the money drops in to your cashback account. You can then transfer the deposit into your own bank account.


How can cashback companies afford to do this? Well your payment is simply a slice of the commission that third parties receive for passing customers onto the major retailers.


Here are the links to the two sites I mentioned.


Quidco          Top Cashback


Enjoy your cashback!

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