Gardening Aids For The Elderly

Gardeners who are able to carry on gardening into their later years without feeling aches and pains are very lucky. Some people are far less fortunate and suffer from a disability, which can severely restrict their gardening activities.

Nowadays there are a wide range of tools and gardening aids which help us to overcome the challenges we face.

Whilst preparing our top twenty we noticed that there was a huge difference in price between virtually the same products. Naturally we have selected the gardening aid which offers you the best value for money.

All of the products have a four to five star rating on Amazon. Our top twenty covers a wide spectrum of garden tasks…..we hope you can find just what you are looking for.

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Bypass Pruner

One of the best bypass pruners is made by Fiskars.

Their lightweight pruner is made from reinforced plastic/ fibreglass. 

Lightweight tools are so important.

Heavier tools can be very tiring to use over long periods of time.



Garden Tool Bag

There is nothing worse than discovering that you have left your secateurs in the tool shed when you are right down at the bottom of the garden.

This strong, lightweight garden tool tote bag is made from washable Terylene. It has six pockets, which hold different hand tools. The soft grip handles help to reduce hand and arm fatigue.

The foldable stool, which is made from high quality steel, is lightweight and portable.


Long Reach Pruner
This long reach, cut and hold pruner, which is 46″ long, has a 1/2″ cutting capacity. This tool enables you to reach and hold the stem you want to cut, which would otherwise be in an inaccessible.

The hi-carbon steel blade and hook are fully heat treated

Rather than clambering up a ladder you can work from the ground.

It is ideal for light pruning, dead heading and fruit picking.

Garden Scooter

This rugged, sit on scooter can save your legs and enable you to reach those essential jobs whilst sitting down.

There is a handy 12″ x 16″ tray under the seat to store small tools.

You sit 13″ off the ground.



Ratchet Pruner

This ratchet pruner operates in three stages with the gear locking up a notch with each squeeze.

This feature enables a stem to be cut with significantly less effort in comparison to traditional pruners



Pick Up Tool With Revolving Jaw

This tool allows you to pick up items from the ground without bending down.

You can also grab branches and pull them towards you to facilitate the picking of fruit for example.



Ladies Border Fork and Spade


These lightweight tools have steel handles and the blade of the spade is shaped to ensure maximum efficiency.





Knee pads
Many people struggle with their knees, so kneeling on hard or damp surfaces will only aggravate the problem.

These Fiskars Ultra Light Knee Pads have an impenetrable outer shell which prevents the ingress of moisture, as well as offering excellent durability.

The straps can be adjusted easily, thus facilitating their use by anyone whatever their build.


All Terrain 4 wheel Folding Carrier

This multi-purpose utility carrier folds down with one pull on the toggle.

It has two front pockets and six side pockets with flaps. The strong 600 denier fabric is removable for ease of washing.

When open it measures 20″H x 43″L x 20″ W, folding down to 30″H x 20″W x 8″D 


Easi-Grip Hand Trowel

This trowel has an ergonomically designed angled handle which takes the strain and discomfort out of gardening.

The stainless steel blade prevents soil adhesion.

The non-slip grip stops the tool turning in the hand.



Clipper Box


This attachment will save you bending down to collect lawn cuttings.  

Simply attach the tray to the blade and handles of your lawn shears and it will collect the trimmings as you cut.





Claw Handle Fork
This bamboo handled fork has a carbon steel head, which makes it lightweight and extremely durable.

It is ideal for weeding, preparing soil and planting out seedlings.



Telescopic, Lightweight Anvil Loppers
The quick click comfy telescopic handles can be extended from 630mm to 930mm to reach those higher branches.

The lightweight aluminium handles help to reduce arm fatigue.





Push Pull Weeder

Side guards allow you to work right up to your plants.

It has Wolf-Garten’s multi star rated, snap-on handle connection. 



Lightweight Hedge Trimmers

These shears combine excellent quality with great value for money.

They have vinyl coated tubular handles with non-slip grips.

The notched blade allows you to cut thicker stems. 





Multi Spray Gun

This is a strong, robust nozzle is made from metal with a baked enamel finish.
The nozzle delivers six watering patterns, from a high pressure jet to clean the patio, to a soft spray to wash the dog.

An ergonomic soft touch handle ensures comfortable spraying without becoming tired.

You can control the rate of flow using the trigger, which is also lockable.


 Raised Garden Bed

This raised bed kit is ideal for growing salads, beans, cabbage and many other vegetables and plants.

It is available in four sizes and comes with full instructions.

The timber boards are treated and the corner posts provide extra strength.

The home grown vegetables you grow are great for your diet….what’s more you don’t have to bend down so far!



Folding Wheel Barrow

This lightweight wheel barrow is ideal for transporting leaves, wood, garden tools and much more.

The robust and durable steel frame has a powder coated metal rim.

The 13″ pneumatic tyre ensures smooth running.

Wheeling a heavy steel barrow around is a thing of the past.



Tool Belt

It’s so easy to forget or to lose small tools when you are gardening.

A tool belt is a great place to keep tools and to have them at hand when you are out in the garden.

This belt is made of  hard wearing canvas and is adjustable to suit your waist.



Collapsible Pop-Up Garden Rubbish Bag

This lightweight rubbish bag comes with carry handles and collapses for ease of storage.

It is available in two sizes, 45cm dia x 75cm deep or 30cm dia x 45cm deep. We recommend the smaller size as the larger one is heavy to carry when full.

This bag is just the job for collecting leaves, weeds and waste from your garden.

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Enjoy your gardening.

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