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‘Our Top Ten Social Media Sites and Blogs For the Over 50s’

Have you hit a problem and want advice, or you just want to have a chat with someone to break the monotony of a long day?

Visiting a social media site could be the answer

‘How To Save Money As A Senior – Loyalty Cards And Couponing’

Loyalty cards, couponing and cashback can be a real money saver when applied day in, day out.

You know what they say ‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’. 

‘Volunteering In Retirement – Offering A Hand’

Volunteering offers so many benefits, both for the people you help and for yourself.



‘Top Ten Retirement Hobbies and Pastimes to Inspire You’

Once you have retired it is so important to get involved in new activities and make new friends.



In The Home

‘My Family History – How It Was Researched and What It Revealed’

I have been able to trace the family history of my father, back to the early 1800s, when they were cattle dealers in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Here is the story


‘Nine Means of Transport Fallen by the Wayside in my Lifetime’ 

Transport has evolved through many centuries….from the use of a wheel on a cart to the launch of a moon rocket.

The past 100 years has seen the introduction of many innovative ways to travel, some of which have fallen by the wayside……….

‘The Piece Hall, Halifax – An Exciting New Destination’

The Piece Hall in Halifax is a grand, historic building, which would not be out of place in Italy, rather than in West Yorkshire.

It’s origins go back to the 1700s when ‘ worsted and woollen goods’ were woven by many small businesses and local weavers in villages scattered across West Yorkshire.

‘Would Your Neighbourhood Benefit from a Community Shop’

Community shops are springing up all over the country. Why is this?

Many of our villages have become commuter dormitories for nearby towns, where villagers do most of their shopping.


‘Now You Can Look After Dogs As Your House Guests’

Nowadays many dog owners prefer to arrange for their dogs to be looked after in a person’s home rather than place them in kennels.


‘Digital Photographs – How to Organise All of Those Holiday Shots’

Digital photographs enable us to take a huge number of high quality shots.

Just a short three day break can generate hundreds of photos.


‘Discover Our Pinterest Pins…British Landscape to a World of Faces’

We have an extensive range of subjects on Pinterest.

Here are some of the boards we have created along with an illustrative image.


‘Using Apps on Phones and Bespoke Recipes to Control Your Diabetes’

If you are a diabetic you know that diabetes is a debilitating illness, but don’t despair as there are numerous support packages available….here are just a few. 


In The Garden

Carry On Gardening – Enjoy The Benefits Of Being Outside

There are huge physical and mental benefits from gardening as you get older.

Gardening helps you physically by maintaining your core muscle strength and it is mentally uplifting to be out in the fresh air with the birds singing.

Our Gardening Year – A Journey Around Some English Gardens

Our gardening year begins with this magnificent display of daffodils, which herald the arrival of spring in the UK.


Raised Garden Beds – Ideal For The Elderly And Disabled

Raised Garden Beds offer a wide range of benefits, from increasing your garden’s productivity to overcoming challenging health issues.


Enjoy The Wildlife You Can Attract To Your Garden

Sharing your garden with wildlife….birds, bees, butterflies, bugs, frogs, newts and even hedgehogs…..can give you so much joy.

Attracting wildlife with the best food and habitat will soon transform your garden into a hive of activity.


Presents With a Difference Especially Selected For Ladies

Here are some great presents for the woman who has everything

It would take ages to find these items in the shops

So we have personally selected them for you….it will save you heaps of time.

Presents With a Difference Especially Selected For Men

Here are some great presents for the man who already has everything!

It would take ages to find these items in the shops

So we have personally selected them for you….it will save you heaps of time.

Our Top Twenty Gardening Aids – Helping You Enjoy Your Time In The Garden

Nowadays there are a wide range of tools and gardening aids to help us overcome the challenges we face in the garden.


Internet Marketing

My 20 Best Online Tools To Boost Retirement Income 

I can vouch for the effectiveness of these online tools in boosting my retirement income as I have used all of them myself. Many of the tools are entirely free or offer a trial period.