Are You Really As Old As You Feel?

Elderly couple....So when did you suddenly realise that old age is creeping up on you?

Here are a few experiences you may wish to forget!

You discover that your birthday cake is too small to take all of those candles………or even worse the candles have cost you more than the cake itself!

Your last visit to the surgery was truly shocking…the doctor looked younger than your grandson.

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Generate An Avalanche Of Traffic Using Twitter

singing-birdTwitter is a great way of building a steady flow of traffic to your website. An odd tweet now and again is useless, you will have to post a large number of targeted tweets to achieve worthwhile results…….but beware of spamming.

Twitter’s User Agreement defines what they consider to be spam. It would be wise for you to read the Agreement before embarking on a campaign. Sending the same tweet repeatedly would obviously be extremely foolish and would certainly result in a ban. However you can alter the wording of a tweet and change the image, whilst retaining the original link.

The Content Idea Generator feeds you with ideas for content which you had never dreamt of.

Buffer is a powerful program, which enables you to send innumerable tweets spread over a pre-defined period. They offer a free version, or you can use their upgraded software, free, for 30 days.

So lets see how Buffer works. Once you have registered, click on ‘Schedule’. Set your time zone and choose between a 12 or 24 hour clock.

You will need to promote a minimum of 20 WordPress posts to maximise the benefits of Buffer.

For example, you can spread your 20 tweets, promoting different posts, over 10 hours at a rate of a tweet every 30 minutes.

By clicking on ‘Content’ –> ‘Calendar’ you will see a graphic of the times when your tweets will be sent.

Now click on ‘Lists’. Write your tweets in the blank fields and attach relevant images. They will be stacked in a queue ready to be posted according to your schedule.

‘Analytics’ enables you to check on the performance of your tweets and you can also re-post your tweets using ‘Re-Buffer’.

As well as Buffer, there are several other tools, which help you to get the best out of Twitter. Here are some of my favourites starting with Tweetdeck It generates a rolling overview of the activity in your Twitter accounts in real time.

Once you have linked your Twitter account to Tweetdeck, you can choose which headings you would like to appear on your homepage. I selected Home, Notifications, Messages and Activity. However there are other headings, such as @Mentions, Lists, Likes, Followers, Trending, Scheduled, Search and Collections.

You will receive valuable information relating to these subjects as it happens. The Tweetdeck platform also allows you to send tweets and direct messages, as well as to add images and to schedule tweets.

YouTube has a range of tutorials on how to operate Tweetdeck.

Hootsuite locates interesting content and enables you to share it automatically. Other facilities include……

  • Scheduling of a large number of posts

  • The ‘Suggestions’ facility identifies relevant content

  • The messages you have scheduled for the coming weeks are displayed in a calendar format 

Here are the links to several other useful tools……..

AgoraPulse – a social media engagement manager

missinglettr – enables you to drip market your posts on Twitter for months ahead

IFTTT – Lets you know which of your websites are mentioned on Twitter

Friends + Me    – Reposts your content to other social media networks

I hope you have great success building your traffic volumes with Twitter…best of luck

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Tweeting and Managing Your Twitter Account

Twitter is rapidly becoming one of the most powerful  marketing platforms on the web. 


This post covers ways of composing a tweet for marketing  purposes and the best way to manage your Twitter  account.


There are two steps to tweeting……firstly writing the tweet  and  secondly managing the followers who receive your tweets.

Before you even start to write your tweet you must identify your target audience.

The following post shows you how to drill down to people interested in your product or service.

Now you have to target your tweets at the group of people whom you have identified as being interested.

Your tweets should introduce them to content from which they derive real benefits.

Once you have generated an audience for your tweets, you should maintain their interest by commenting on their tweets. They will also appreciate your support when you retweet their tweets. They will often return the favour.

You must keep your list of followers up to date by unfollowing followers who have been inactive for more than thirty days. Concentrate on following people who are tweeting every day. There is a tool called ManageFlitter which identifies people with certain characteristics….more on ManageFlitter a little later.

Writing Your Tweet

A promotional tweet is composed of four parts…..

  • Your message about 75 characters

  • Hashtags about 20 characters

  • Product link about 20 characters

  • An image about 25 characters

The maximum number of characters you can use in a tweet is 140.

Your Message

Your visitors will be asking themselves the following questions when they read your tweet.

  • What is being promised?

  • Is the content going to be relevant to me?

  • What’s in it for me?

  • Is it worth my time and effort?

These questions should be addressed through the wording of your tweet.

This article shows you how to write effective headlines.


Putting a hashtag symbol in front of a keyword enables people to find your tweet when they carry out a search using that keyword.

A quick and easy way to find relevant hashtags is for you to carry out a search on Twitter on an appropriate keyword.

Twitter will then present you with a number of tweets, which will include hashtags targeting your marketplace. Use the best of these hashtags in your own tweets.

Here is an article which shows you how to get retweets using hashtags.

Product Link

To reduce the number of characters you use in your tweet, you can shorten the length of your promotional URL using

The visitor should be directed to a landing page with a strong call to action such as ‘Receive My Free ebook’ or ‘Subscribe To My Blog’.


Using strong images generates more response.

This article shows you how to source free images….

Managing Your Account

Don’t allow dead wood to build up in your list of followers.

ManageFlitter prepares lists of people you follow, which are grouped into a number of categories.

For example

  • People whom you are following who don’t follow you back

  • People who have not bothered to include an image in their profile

  • People who use a foreign language to write their tweets

…..and so on

You can unfollow the people on these lists using ManageFlitter in the following way..

  • Click Search—>Account Search—>Refine

  • ‘All fields’ should be left empty

  • Complete the remaining fields as appropriate

  • Select ‘Only active accounts’

  • Complete ‘Followers 100 minimum 5000 maximum’

  • Click ‘Find People’

Unfollow these people.

I hope you have found my post useful……Happy Tweeting

Don’t forget to request your free ebook ’20 Ways to Supplement Retirement Income’  by completing the subscription form in the right hand sidebar

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Give Your WordPress Site An Extra Polish


 There are so many little things you can install on your WordPress site to  make it user friendly and more responsive.

 Here is my checklist.

 All of these tools are free to use.

1. Screen appearance Your site will be viewed on screens of various shapes and sizes, so you need to check how it will be seen on mobiles, tablets, PCs…. Check it on different devices. You can see how your screen looks on different devices at this site 

2. Write an ebook to giveaway Writing your own ebook as a lead magnet is far better than using a free ebook or purchasing one. Hubspot offer a series of templates, which makes writing and publishing your ebook so much easier. Just subscribe to Hubspot and look for five ebook templates.

3. Collect email addresses SumoMe has a range of sophisticated tools designed to collect the email addresses of potential customers. The basic package is free. Just click on the SumoMe logo and you can see how it works on your website.


4. Check For Broken Links Everybody hates broken links….especially visitors to your site and the search engines. All you have to do is install a plugin called ‘Broken Link Checker’, which checks for broken links and missing images. It notifies you on your dashboard if any are found.

5. Google Analytics It is essential that you track and analyse the performance of your site. Google Analytics helps you measure site traffic, SEO, engagement, ad revenue and activity on social media. 

6. Share Buttons   Installing Share Buttons can vastly increase the audience viewing your posts. SumoMe has a html code to install share buttons. Here it is 

7. Back Up You have probably spent many hours building your website, so to lose everything in a split second would be disastrous. 


8. Navigation of Site Both your visitors and the search engines want rapid navigation around your site. The menu bar appears at the top of every page and post, so you should make it as clear and informative as possible. You should aim for a single row of menu options and use the drop down as well as the sub drop down menu to list your posts.

9. Links within your site To make your site more interesting for the visitor and more productive for yourself, you should include relevant links between posts and pages within your site.

Google will love this as well.

10. Comments Generating comments is also looked on favourably by Google. You can probably install a comments facility through your theme. I am using a plugin called Vicomi, which also enables you to highlight the best comments you receive. 

11. Autoresponders An autoresponder enables you to build a list of subscribers and send them follow up messages, as long as they have opted in to receive emails from you. We all know that ‘The Money Is In The List’, so having an autoresponder is a very valuable resource. The most popular autoresponders, in my order of preference, are GetResponse, aWeber and TrafficWave.

12. Typefaces and Fonts WordPress only has a fairly limited choice of fonts and typefaces. However there is a plugin called TinyMCE Advanced which gives you a wide range of options. You can choose which features you wish to integrate within the WordPress text editor.

13Sticky Posts You may have an important message or post which you want to be seen as soon as someone visits your site. It should appear ‘above the fold’ and it will always remain at the top of your posts if you make it ‘sticky’. Just go to the post you wish to edit and look for ‘Publish’ in the right hand sidebar. Click on ‘Visibility’ -> ‘Edit’ -> ‘Public’ and select ‘Stick this post to the front page’.

14. Yoast   Books have been written about SEO, so this post is not the place to review SEO in detail. However a plugin called Yoast does provide an easy way of checking whether your post complies with the basic rules of SEO. Once you have entered a ‘focus keyword’ Yoast analyses your post based on a wide range of criteria. This analysis appears below your post.

15. Recent Posts, Categories, Archives To facilitate navigation to all of your content you should have these headings in your right hand sidebar. WordPress has a default setting to install the headings or your theme may offer a more stylish alternative.


16. Stat Counter  As a readily accessible alternative to Google Analytics you can install a StatCounter. My counter is set to record Page Views, Unique Visits and Returning Visits and appears when you click on ‘Dashboard’. The plugin is called ‘Stat Counter – Free Real Time Visitor Stats’.

17.  Welcome Message A short welcome message giving a few details about yourself and the aims of your site will start to build a relationship between yourself and the visitor. For a more comprehensive overview you can refer them to your ‘About Me’ page.

18. Make Full Use Of Your Home Page A lot depends on the theme you are using, but there is often a field below the main heading which you can use for a variety of purposes…. advertising, a welcome message, a link to a social media site….. Don’t forget the footer for advertising or pictures of your products.

19. Themes Whilst building your site you may see themes which are more attractive or would serve your purposes better. Now is the time to change your theme rather than wait until it has many more posts and comments. Make sure you back up your site before changing the theme. 

20. Fiverr If you are confronted with any challenges when polishing up your WordPress site, you can always hire an expert on Fiverr for $5. Just go to Fiverr and enter WordPress in the search field and you will discover a large number of specialists. By hovering over their graphic you can see how many jobs they have undertaken and their rating.

I hope you found my list useful.

Don’t forget to request your free ebook ’20 Ways to Supplement Retirement Income’  by completing the subscription form in the right hand sidebar

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