How To Save Money As A Senior…Loyalty Cards and Couponing


How to save money following an expensive Christmas is probably a top priority for most of us.

Loyalty cards, couponing and cashback will not save you huge sums of money, but you know what they say ‘Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves’. 

Loyalty Cards

There are four leading loyalty cards in the UK, Nectar (Sainsburys), Tesco Clubcard, Boots Advantage card and Morrisons More card. So lets take a look at Nectar first.


Nectar Card

  • Major partners include Sainsburys, BP, British Gas, Pizza Express, Debenhams, eBay, Expedia…
  • Gain one point for every £1.00 spent
  • One point is worth 0.5p   i e 500 points = £2.50
  • Redeem points in store, online or by the ‘phone for shopping, fuel, days out, gifts…..
  • Watch out for double up promotions. These points cannot be used for buying groceries, but are exchanged for vouchers to purchase electrical goods, Tu clothing, homeware…..
  • Gain one point per £1.00 spent in store, or on fuel from a Sainsbury’s filling station, using a Sainsburys credit card. Get one point per £5.00 spent elsewhere with their card
  • Search online on the Sainburys website for products which are currently being sold at a discount in store.
  • Complete surveys using Nectar Canvass. Points awarded will vary depending on the length of time the survey takes to complete.
  • Enter the Sainsburys prize draw. The current prize is £10,000.
  • Gain 100 points for downloading a Nectar toolbar. Gain a further two points for every two searches you make using the toolbar.
  • Donate goods to Oxfam. You receive 100 points for signing up and two points per £1.00 when an item is sold.

Tesco ClubCard

  • Major partners include Esso, Cafe Rouge, Virgin Atlantic, Railcard……..
  • Gain one point for every £1.00 spent. Points are sent to you in the form of vouchers every three months
  • Get 25% extra points when you use the Pay+ wallet free app
  • Use a Tesco credit card to receive an extra point for every £4 spent.
  • Trade in normal vouchers for Tesco’s special ClubCard Boost tokens. Each £10 voucher becomes worth up to £40 when exchanged with Boost partners.
  • Watch out for special offers on the Tesco website
  • Tesco’s pay app enables you to pay and collect ClubCard points in one place, tracks your spending and allows you to pay for items up to a ceiling of £250

Boots Advantage Card 

  • Receive four points for every £1.00 spent. Each point is worth 1p.
  • Join clubs for extra offers. For example the Parenting Club or the over 60s Club.
  • Look out for Magic Points weekends. For example, if you spend £50 you receive 1,000 extra points, which results in a discount of £10.00.
  • Download the Boots app to find out the best offers


Morrisons More Card

    • Receive 5 points for every £1 spent in store or on fuel.
    • Get a £5.00 voucher for every 5000 points you earn
    • Look out for promotions in store and online.
    • Check out ‘When It’s Gone It’s Gone’ every week for best deals.
    • Join the Baby and More and More for Students clubs


Enjoy collecting your points…..and using them to grab a bargain


Couponing can save you hundreds of pounds over a year. 

Getting Started

To get started you need either a smartphone or a computer and printer.

Now you can start searching the internet for money off vouchers or use cashback apps like TopCashback

A great place to find the latest coupons is a site called UKcouponing 

To inspire you to give couponing a try, here is what extreme couponer Jordon Cox has to say ‘Just in the supermarket alone I have saved £5,000. My average weekly shop is reduced by £15-£20 and my most common percentage saving is about 50%. Nothing to be sniffed at for just emailing manufacturers, picking up magazines and printing pieces of paper from our Supermarket coupons page.’

Store Magazines







Store magazines are a gold mine for coupons….try the magazines published by Tesco and Sainsburys to start with. Pick up more than one copy and you can cash in the coupons they promote week after week. 

Be Organised

Your couponing adventure can descend into chaos unless you stay organised. 

Keep all of your coupons in one place, in date order and separate them into product types.

What to Buy

Be careful what you buy. Always ask yourself whether it will keep and what the sell by date is.

Suppliers Love Feedback

Visit the websites of the brands you use week after week. Tell them why you like their product and/or suggest how they could improve it. If there is a tiny tear in the packaging let them know, you could easily be rewarded with coupons.

Online Couponing

There are no end of coupons on the web. Check out branded websites, join company Facebook pages and sign up for newsletters. 



Shop Around

Don’t feel that you have to shop at the same store all the time. Look around for products, for which you hold coupons, in other stores as they may be on sale cheaper.

Whilst you are shopping around look out for products which have coupons attached.

Bigger bottles versus smaller bottles

‘Big Value’, extra large bottles are not necessarily the best buy. Check whether buying two bottles is cheaper than purchasing one.


Buy as many non-perishable products as you can afford when they are on offer and you have a coupon. So there you have it….our quick guide to couponing.

Another way of saving money is through Cashback. There are risks involved, so we are not recommending it in this article. You can read more about cashback here.

Finally, a great site for saving money on buying gifts is Groupon 

Good luck with your couponing.

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