Tweeting and Managing Your Twitter Account

Twitter is rapidly becoming one of the most powerful  marketing platforms on the web. 


This post covers ways of composing a tweet for marketing  purposes and the best way to manage your Twitter  account.


There are two steps to tweeting……firstly writing the tweet  and  secondly managing the followers who receive your tweets.

Before you even start to write your tweet you must identify your target audience.

The following post shows you how to drill down to people interested in your product or service.

Now you have to target your tweets at the group of people whom you have identified as being interested.

Your tweets should introduce them to content from which they derive real benefits.

Once you have generated an audience for your tweets, you should maintain their interest by commenting on their tweets. They will also appreciate your support when you retweet their tweets. They will often return the favour.

You must keep your list of followers up to date by unfollowing followers who have been inactive for more than thirty days. Concentrate on following people who are tweeting every day. There is a tool called ManageFlitter which identifies people with certain characteristics….more on ManageFlitter a little later.

Writing Your Tweet

A promotional tweet is composed of four parts…..

  • Your message about 75 characters

  • Hashtags about 20 characters

  • Product link about 20 characters

  • An image about 25 characters

The maximum number of characters you can use in a tweet is 140.

Your Message

Your visitors will be asking themselves the following questions when they read your tweet.

  • What is being promised?

  • Is the content going to be relevant to me?

  • What’s in it for me?

  • Is it worth my time and effort?

These questions should be addressed through the wording of your tweet.

This article shows you how to write effective headlines.


Putting a hashtag symbol in front of a keyword enables people to find your tweet when they carry out a search using that keyword.

A quick and easy way to find relevant hashtags is for you to carry out a search on Twitter on an appropriate keyword.

Twitter will then present you with a number of tweets, which will include hashtags targeting your marketplace. Use the best of these hashtags in your own tweets.

Here is an article which shows you how to get retweets using hashtags.

Product Link

To reduce the number of characters you use in your tweet, you can shorten the length of your promotional URL using

The visitor should be directed to a landing page with a strong call to action such as ‘Receive My Free ebook’ or ‘Subscribe To My Blog’.


Using strong images generates more response.

This article shows you how to source free images….

Managing Your Account

Don’t allow dead wood to build up in your list of followers.

ManageFlitter prepares lists of people you follow, which are grouped into a number of categories.

For example

  • People whom you are following who don’t follow you back

  • People who have not bothered to include an image in their profile

  • People who use a foreign language to write their tweets

…..and so on

You can unfollow the people on these lists using ManageFlitter in the following way..

  • Click Search—>Account Search—>Refine

  • ‘All fields’ should be left empty

  • Complete the remaining fields as appropriate

  • Select ‘Only active accounts’

  • Complete ‘Followers 100 minimum 5000 maximum’

  • Click ‘Find People’

Unfollow these people.

I hope you have found my post useful……Happy Tweeting

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