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The number of Facebook members has reached stratospheric levels and there is no sign of its exponential growth slowing down. I use the word ‘members’ advisably……just how many of those members are regular ‘users’? I don’t have the figure to hand but I guess it’s a very small percentage. For this reason alone it is worth considering using your time to best advantage by becoming active in niche social networks.


They focus on a certain interest or product and their members are attracted by the content of the social network……in other words they are already warm prospects. A little research will soon reveal whether there is a social network dedicated to your niche. You may like to look at a few niche social networks I have discovered…..some are long established, whilst others are only in their infancy.



Around 80% of Pinterest members are women, so it is hardly surprising that another social media site has emerged which caters for men’s interests and needs. Although Gentlemint mirrors the layout of Pinterest with images which can be shared and commented upon, these images are not of babies, fashion and food, but are more likely to be of cars, guns, alcohol…. Gentlemint is the perfect community for promoting services and products that appeal to males. 



This popular network gathers mommy bloggers together on a single platform. Marketers have found that CafeMom offers a great resource for promoting services and products to mothers who are looking for parenting advice. This site enables you to research the most popular interests and topics of moms. You can then tailor your offering to meet this interest or need. Mumsnet is the UK equivalent of CafeMom 

Third Age

Senior citizens are the fastest growing age group on the net. Consequently, the internet has become am important resource for pre-retirees and seniors to connect with their families and to source advice on retirement, ageing, health…. There are discussion boards, groups, newsletters, forums, videos, classes and much more… You can research how best to connect with this demographic group and to service their needs on the Third Age. ThirdAge


Maybe you have a question about coding or retirement income….whatever it might be Quora will have the answer. So if you are looking for answers or want to position yourself as a thought leader, Quora is the place to be. There are several ways you can use Quora as a resource…..

  • Ask questions to discover what your audience is thinking

  • Answer questions….this will help to position yourself as an expert within your niche

  • Provide links to useful resources…..this helps you to gain respect within the community

  • Include a few links to tutorial ebooks, relevant posts, webinars….enabling you to capture business leads. Quora


APSense is a great platform for social networking within a business community. It’s an ideal site for branding yourself and promoting your business to like minded people. Four forums enable you to ‘Ask a Question’, ‘Write an Article’, ‘Create a Review’ and ‘Sell Your Talent’.  There are several ways you can make money through APSense…clicking on Solo Ads, joining a Team Promote campaign, referrals…. APSense


  When I joined AdlandPro nearly 10 years ago, it was already going strong. It’s robust format has stood the test of time, which speaks for itself. It offers a range of services…..classified ads, groups,, forums, photo sharing, an AdlandPro newsletter with useful tips and of course social media….known as the AdlandPro Community. At the click of a key you can get a lot of information about your online friends…..first name, thumbnail photo, location, number of friends, their birthday……. This is of great assistance in identifying the best prospects for your offer. AdlandPro



 If you are interested in food then Epicurious is the place to be. They have a host of recipes, menus, articles and guides on every cooking topic imaginable. There is a very active forum where you can review peoples’current interests and the queries they have, which will help you service their needs. Epicurious



Creating a green, sustainable environment has been an extremely important trend for some time. Many marketers want to put a ‘green face’ on their products. By participating in Care2 you can find out how to implement ecofriendly tactics in your marketing strategies. Learn what others are doing and what topics people really care about. Care2


An important part of any markerter’s job is planning and attending events. At Meetup you can find out about events happening in your area. You can target a particular business niche and identify the most worthwhile events to attend and even connect with people planning to go, prior to the event taking place. You can also publicize your own events and attract more attendees bygeography and industry. Meetup

 You may find your niche social networking site at cornucopia of  social sites

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