Affiliate Marketing Part 1 – Choose A Profitable Niche

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Choosing a profitable niche is probably the most important decision you make when setting up an affiliate marketing business. There are two ways you can go. ….you can either select a product sector which you are interested in (the long term option) or you can choose a niche product which is flying off the shelves at the moment (the short term option).

Look for a product which is already selling well with a good Return On Investment (ROI). It certainly helps if you are conversant with and enthusiastic about the product, which at the end of the day has to sell and make a profit.

An excellent guide to the popularity of a product can be found on sites like Amazon, eBay and Argos. Look for ‘Today’s Deals‘ on Amazon, ‘Today’s featured collections‘ on eBay and ‘Featured Products’ on Argos. Don’t try to sell products where you are likely to encounter huge competition.

You might also consider promoting products which are popular at certain times of year, like Christmas, Easter and Halloween. …..or concentrating on special occasions.

A site called DMOZ lists a huge number of internet based topics. You can drill down into a specific market area and discover much smaller niches.

Don’t procrastinate over which niche market place you are going to enter….just do it! Your first campaign will teach you a huge amount, which will stand you in good stead when launching subsequent campaigns.

clickbankThere are a number of affiliate marketing program providers who act as middlemen between the supplier of the product or service and the affiliate marketeer. Here is a list of leading facilitators….

CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction)



So after some research you have found a group of products, within a marketing niche, which you wish to promote. Now you have to find a business which licenses affiliates to market their products within your niche. You must also determine whether the commission they are offering is sufficient recompense for all of your hard work.

A Company who can provide answers to both of these questions is Clickbank. Once you have signed up as an affiliate (not as a vendor) click on ‘Marketplace’ in the toolbar. You will see that Clickbank has an extensive ‘Knowledge Base’ and a guide on ‘How to Find Products To Promote’.

YogaAs a example, say you were interested in promoting Yoga. Click on the ‘Health and Fitness’ category in the left hand sidebar and a range of subjects will appear including Yoga. Having clicked on ‘Yoga’ you will see a list of subjects on yoga. Say we look at ‘Yoga For Healing’ by clicking on the title. You can see it has sample videos, excellent testimonials and even a free ebook. The product itself is selling for $97. The average amount an affiliate earns is currently $26-65.

Clicking on ‘Stats’ gives you a lot more information about the performance of this product in the marketplace. By clicking on ‘Promote’ you will generate a unique affiliate link (Clickbank call it a ‘Hoplink’)  which enables you to promote the product wherever you wish.

Wealthy Affiliate covers this subject in much greater detail so I recommend that you take up their offer of a free account.

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