Our Top Social Media Sites And Blogs For The Over 50s

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Have you hit a problem and want advice, or you just want to have a chat with someone to break the monotony of a long day?



……whatever it is……there is always a friendly social media site or blog to help you.

Social Media Sites

Silversurfers is the most popular social media site for the over 50s in the UK.

It has a wide range of features including…..

  • Safe, moderated forums
  • Speakers Corner – discussion and polling on topics of the day
  • Best of the web articles and useful information
  • Sharing showcase for photos, poetry and stories
  • Over 50s dating
  • Insurance and holidays

Third Age is another UK based site concentrating on the health and welfare of women over 45.

Topics include……..

  • Health A-Z
  • Living Well
  • Fitness
  • Family and Food


A magazine for women covering a huge range of subjects from Health and Fitness to Retirement Living.

You can contribute to the magazine by being a guest blogger or the writer of articles


This magazine claims a global community of 150,000 women over 60. 

You can learn about…….

  • Makeup for the older woman
  • Senior dating
  • Retirement planning
  • Fashion for the older woman
  • Senior travel
  • Grandchildren…..and more

Gransnet, also UK based, has a wide range of interesting topics……

  • Advice for grandparents
  • Book club
  • How technology can help the elderly
  • Forum on a huge range of subjects 
  • Fashion and beauty,as well as legal and financial advice


Their strapline ‘ Helping You To Help Them’ describes the aims of myageingparents .com perfectly.

They offer many useful services including…….

  • Life – Family friends and fulfilled lives
  • Care – Planning, funding and managing care
  • Health – Keeping well and medical advice
  • Legal and Finance – Managing money and legal matters
  • Technology – Getting online, staying connected and safe
  • Forum – Covers a wide range of subjects relating to the care of aged people. 
  • Shop – Extensive shopping opportunities

Buzz50 is a very interactive site where you can meet people and share your thoughts


  • Senior dating for the over 50s.
  • A well moderated selection of senior chat rooms
  • A wide range of forums dedicated to particular subjects


A Satisfying Retirement is a blog written by a retired guy called Bob Lowry, who lives with his wife Betty in Arizona.

Bob is a published author having written ‘Living A Satisfying Retirement’ which is available on Amazon.

He has a huge backlog of posts written over the past seven years, which cover every retirement subject imaginable. 

The self styled ‘Mean Queen’ has been writing her blog, practically every day, for the past nine years.


A retired Heavy Goods driver, she describes her blog as ‘My journey from frazzled alcoholic to a relaxed happy pensioner’.

Her blog revolves around her main interests…..extreme frugality, crafts and walking. Her daily diary tells you what she has been up to, whilst sharing many money saving tips along the way.

Fritz Gilbert has recently retired and moved to an idyllic property in North Georgia, USA.

He has been sharing his thoughts on his up and coming retirement over the past three years.

Coming from a financial background, he has sound financial advice to offer, which has earned him a nomination as a finalist in the prestigious Plutus Awards.

He has an extensive catalogue of posts dating back to April, 2015.  An extremely active blogger, he is about to share his experiences as he starts his first year of retirement.

This blog, which was founded in 2007, recommends the best retirement communities, active adult communities and places to retire.

Although it concentrated initially on communities in North America, you can also find recommendations to high class retirement communities in the United Kingdom.

It has a huge number of back posts which you can search to find exactly what you are looking for.

We hope you can find a blog or social media site which interests you.

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